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Award-winning TV series ‘Adventure All Stars’ aligns with Perth charity ‘Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation’

Adventure All Stars is an award-winning TV travel show… WITH A DIFFERENCE.

Pre-filming all real-life cast members raise funds for a nominated charitable cause, and their reward for doing so is a starring role in the TV series.

Every television episode features people undertaking an unforgettable journey to a secret location for six days of fun and adventure. Adventure All Stars is the ultimate road trip where TV viewers get to experience incredible locations through the eyes of an engaging and socially conscious cast.

The Producers of Adventure All Stars are now looking to find 12 people from Perth (and beyond!) to star in the next TV series which will screen in 24 countries. Pre-filming all TV cast members will raise funds and awareness for Subiaco based charitable organisation ‘Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation (BCSCF)’.

BCSCF is a charity that exists to help women, men and their children escape domestic violence.

Applications are now open for WA residents to star in the next series of Adventure All Stars. Registrations can be completed at

Adventure All Stars was created by the acclaimed Australian production company Charity TV Global.

Read the Full Press Release Here.

Our Very Own Trailer!

A much needed addition was donated to our foundation 

Our very own trailer, which is used for emergency relocations , to collect donated items and to deliver furniture to victims.

Introducing Colour Me Beautiful Safe Haven Counselling & Education

October 2020 the interior was completed Rach  & Suzie worked around the clock to convert a run down old garage into an amazing , unique healing space.

With the exceptional team of businesses & tradies who donated their time , materials & skills .


  • Trevor Carpets
  • Able Innovators
  • Graham Herrin Ceilings
  • Chameleon Paints
  • AJ Carpentry
  • Dulux
  • Matt’s Flooring
  • Office Works
  • Harvey Norman
  • Cat Welch
  • Patriart Signs
  • Fence Makers Perth
  • Kingfisher Plastering  

Thank You for so much generosity ❤️