October is domestic violence awareness month, my first question why is only one month in twelve dedicated to awareness and why October?

My next question is when?

When will you honor your fiduciary duty of care?

When will you put ego to the side and be proactive in wiping out an epidemic that is killing women and children in staggering numbers?

I understand that campaigning is important, however I believe more refuges and immediate financial aid is more beneficial
A campaign does not provide shelter or a warm meal for a victim.

So many of us are asked Why didn’t you just leave?

I believe you know the answer to that insulting question, so why are you not acting on it?

When will our judicial system address their blatant flaws ?

When will those in a position of authority actually execute their power ?

When will the abuser be held accountable

When will the victims feel safe ?

When will you sit down with women like me and listen, because women like me know exactly what we need and it’s not a fifty million dollar captain cook statue/ceremony.

I am requesting you find a few hours in your schedule to meet with me, listen to me.

Knowledge is power and I believe I can teach you and give you insight on how we can make life saving changes in our broken system.

My name is Rach Mac I am a broken crayon and I colour beautifully

The Hon Kelly O’Dwyer
Office of minister for women

C/O Caron Irwin
Chief of staff

Office of minister for child protection, women’s interest, prevention of family and domestic violence
Level 8
Dumas House
2 Havelock street
West Perth


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Sue Foster - March 4, 2021

Hi, I’m looking for a support group of middle aged women who have left homes due to DV.
Preferrably they & their child/children have high functioning Autism & PTSD.
Thanks, Sue


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