Teamwork Makes The Dream Work...

To do what most think is impossible, it often takes more than a single takes a team.

That's why having a powerful team in place is essential to the success of our mission here at  Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

a powerful and diverse leadership team makes all the difference...

The Broken Crayon Still Colour Foundation Leadership Team Was Selected By Rach Herself.

She chose a team that was not only diverse but leaders in their field.

A team that would go above and beyond...

A team that exceeds expectations due to their passion, knowledge and determination...

A team that will lead from the front...

The Dream Team

Led by our fearless survivor Rach Mac, She leads her team by example and her leadership team are outstanding in providing second to none service and support.

The Leadership teams outstanding results speak for themselves.

They are Passionate, Powerful, Proactive, Proven.

Rach Mac

Rach Mac

Founder | Director

Criminal Trials, Key Note Speaker

My Name is Rach Mac and I am the director & founder of Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

Before my own horrific journey through domestic violence, I was a very successful real estate agent my career had spanned over 19 years, I am also a mother to teenage twins Milla & Fletcher.

I was a social butterfly, A extroverted sassy ambitious young woman with a passion for life & my chosen industry I was financially comfortable and very happy with the direction my life was taking.

Robyn Valerie

Mothers Mentor / Volunteer Coordinator

I have a very exciting announcement this evening.

As Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation continues to experience phenomenal growth we must also expand to ensure we offer phenomenal assistance to our clients & members.

We have recently had an influx of pregnant clients or mothers with newborns & I decided we needed to give these mums a bit of extra care and I always aim to go above & beyond to deliver.

I am thrilled to announce I have added Robyn Valerie to our leadership team

Robyn is now our Mothers Mentor.

Robyn is not only a mother but a registered midwife who has been a dedicated volunteer for Broken Crayon’s for the last few years hence why she will also fill the role of Volunteer Coordinator.

I am excited to have Robyn join our leadership Team welcome.

Riaan Thorp

Finding Your Inner Voice Coach

It gives me great pleasure to announce I have carefully selected a beautiful soul to add to our leadership team at Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

Introducing- Finding Your Inner Voice Coach Riann Thorp.

Riann joins myself, Megan Cash, Jaye Em Carol Messenger Leadership Team.

It was implied by a defense lawyer in court that due to my ability to 'stick up' for myself, meant I couldn't possibly be a victim of domestic violence.

Well, I'm not a victim, not anymore. I'm a survivor.

I am a Warrior!


While I'm free from my abuser, I remain very familiar with the ongoing journey in and out of the various courts.

Jaye Em

Cultural Coach

I am delighted to announce that we are adding Jaye to our Leadership Team.

As our foundation grows we must ensure we have capable hands to assist our most vulnerable. Many of you know I never rush into these decisions as the role of leadership is one that is extremely important.

I have watched this incredible woman for the past two years I have personally witnessed her dedication her passion and her commitment to Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

We welcome Jaye to our leadership team as our Cultural Coach.

Jaye is first and foremost a survivor of domestic violence with a passion to share the journey with victims as they reclaim their power and find their voice.

Jaye is a strong Noongar woman and Is passionate about healing and building the self determination of Aboriginal peoples. 

Susan Murray

Sponsorship Coordinator

Suzi is honoured to join the Broken Crayons leadership team as our Sponsorship Coordinator.

She has been a prominent volunteer for three years, supporting the leadership team in all areas. 

She has a zero tolerance for domestic/ family violence & is determined to use her voice to demand change in our current judicial system.

Suzi is well respected in her position for guide dogs Australia & we are thrilled to welcome her to our leadership team.

Aliesje Kolovis-Wooldridge

Youth Mentor

As the Youth Mentor position is one that requires not only lived experience but also due to the complexity of family/domestic violence this role requires professional experience in this role.

It is with great excitement I introduce you to Aliesje Kolovis-Wooldridge. She has worked the Dungeon Youth centre, Horizon House mums and baby program, Uniting Care West Newpin program (working on attachment, parenting with mums and littles ones ), She also won vocational student of the year and overall student of the year when She studied her diploma in community services.

Aliesje is also trained in protective behaviours and professional development in trauma informed care, AOD & child development.

I believe she is a credit to my leadership team and we enthusiastically welcome her to the team

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