Teamwork Makes The Dream Work...

To do what most think is impossible, it often takes more than a single takes a team.

That's why having a powerful team in place is essential to the success of our mission here at  Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

a powerful and diverse leadership team makes all the difference...

The Broken Crayon Still Colour Foundation Leadership Team Was Selected By Rach Herself.

She chose a team that was not only diverse but leaders in their field.

A team that would go above and beyond...

A team that exceeds expectations due to their passion, knowledge and determination...

A team that will lead from the front...

The Dream Team

Led by our fearless survivor Rach Mac, She leads her team by example and her leadership team are outstanding in providing second to none service and support.

The Leadership teams outstanding results speak for themselves.

They are Passionate, Powerful, Proactive, Proven.

Rach Mac

Rach Mac

Founder | Director

Criminal Trials, Key Note Speaker

My Name is Rach Mac and I am the director & founder of Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

Before my own horrific journey through domestic violence, I was a very successful real estate agent my career had spanned over 19 years, I am also a mother to teenage twins Milla & Fletcher.

I was a social butterfly, A extroverted sassy ambitious young woman with a passion for life & my chosen industry I was financially comfortable and very happy with the direction my life was taking.

Megan Cash

Interior Beauty Coach

VRO Applications/ Contest

Hello my name is Megan, and I am the Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation Interior Beauty Coach.

I became entangled with my narcissistic abuser at age 20.

I met my abuser on a working holiday around Australia. within a few short months we were living together. The cracks were well and truly starting to show. The day I'd decided to leave was followed by the night I discovered I was pregnant

Damon Amos

Men's Wellness Coach

Hello my name is Damon, and I am the Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation Men's Wellness Coach.

Let me introduce myself...

First and foremost I am a father to two beautiful children who I love and adore more than anything.

I am also a FIFO worker who knows the hardships involved in being away from home, maintaining relationships and trying to find balance in life.

2019 threw me the hardest personal challenges I've ever faced... and it broke me. It emotionally and mentally drained me into a spiraling depression of self doubt, fear and distrust.

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