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Stop The Reoccurring Violence?
Domestic and family violence has no set time line, victims are often abused again by the flawed system. We believe[...]
The Unrecognizable Damage
The damage may not be physically visible. But it can be either lethal or life changing. I for one can[...]
Domestic Violence Funding Cuts
New non people elect Prime Minister Scott Morrison cuts vital domestic violence funding. Putting at risk victims in a very[...]
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
October is domestic violence awareness month, my first question why is only one month in twelve dedicated to awareness and[...]
Broken Crayons Still Colour Christmas Drive
Our Broken Crayons Christmas Drive is in full swing A very generous member dropped off this huge bundle, making sure[...]
The Red Heart Campaign
For those who insist on asking what these women were doing before they were killed: Toyah Cordingley - Walking her[...]

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