Help us speak up for those who are currently voiceless and unable to shine their beautiful and amazing light.

Inspiring Woman of the Year, 
Rach Mac, 2023

Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation WINS  Champion Community Service Award!

7 News Local Champion
Rach Mac, 2022 Change Champion

broken... not beaten 

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Broken Crayons still Colour Foundation is a foundation that assist women, men and children, helping them escape domestic and family violence and rebuilding afterwards the often confronting and confusing road of shedding the skin from victim and guiding you to become a survivor.

You are not alone, we will be there from the very beginning and will walk with you throughout the entire process, Offering not just guidance but support, love, encouragement and empowering you.

Domestic & family violence can be a lonely and overwhelming journey.

Well there is no need to feel alone any longer.

Welcome to
Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation
Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation


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Continue To Colour Beautifully...

Help us to ensure these brave women, men and children continue to soar and reach their full potential & move forward to colour a beautiful life for themselves.

Rebuilding, repairing & finding their self-worth...


The raw and uncensored perspective of a child who experienced domestic and family violence firsthand. 

The Princess Who Did...

Living the life as a successful real estate agent, an adoring mother and a social butterfly with the world at my perfectly manicured feet until my life took a life changing direction as I was catapulted into the horrific cycle of disturbing domestic violence which almost cost me my life.

To learn more about me and my story, click the button below to see how I went from a seemingly normal life to become one of the nation’s most outspoken, inspiring survivors and advocates in family & domestic violence...

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