using my voice for those who have temporarily lost theirs...

Once I was afraid to speak, my voice was a whisper, I opened my mouth but the words would not come out.

What would I say? Who would listen?

Would anyone care that I was suffering in silence?

speaking on behalf of the voiceless...

I am using my voice for the women, men and children who have temporarily lost theirs.

The voices in which have been silenced and the words that have yet not been heard, all because of domestic and family violence.

I speak for every tear that goes unnoticed and the deaths that have become nothing more than forgotten statistics.

I say no more....

I'm choosing to use my voice for the past, current and future victims of domestic and family violence.

So please join me and help me share my voice so together we can put an end to domestic and family violence.

Rach Mac
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The Voice Behind The Movement...

I am a real life survivor who suffered domestic violence I experienced all aspects of domestic violence physical, mental, sexual, emotional & financial abuse.

I am the woman who refused to drown in my journey & domestic violence had no right to define my future.

Instead I made the decision to become a voice, an advocate, an ambassador, a woman on a one way mission to change domestic violence laws, to save as many woman, men & children as I possibly can.

I am using my voice to impact the nation…

I am using my voice to show the shame does not live with us.

I am using my voice to inspire & empower those who have suffered.

I am using my voice because I have incredible inner strength & I am determined to make a difference.

I am using my voice because I REFUSE TO BE SILENCED.


speaking up for those who can't...

My desire is to have people hear my voice that speaks on behalf of the women, men and children who have suffered at the hands of family & domestic violence.

My voice is a powerful beacon that not only raises awareness but gives hope to those who need it most.

To engage my services please contact me via the link (10% of my fees are donated to Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation).

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