Our Board of Directors

introducing the Broken crayons still colour foundation ltd board of directors...

Rach Mac

Founder | Director

Criminal Trials, Key Note Speaker

After surviving my own horrific journey through domestic violence, I could of easily drowned but instead I created my amazing foundation.

Domestic and family violence is the most lonely , terrifying road to navigate.

I refuse to allow other victims to suffer in silence , Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation offers one hope , encouragement , support and knowledge.

I use my voice for those who have temporarily or permanently lost theirs.

When voices unite they echo.

Susan Murray


Suzi is honoured to join the  Broken Crayons board of directors.

She has been a prominent volunteer for three years, supporting the leadership team in all areas. 

She has a zero tolerance for domestic/ family violence & is determined to use her voice to demand change in our current judicial system.

Suzi is well respected in her position for guide dogs Australia & we are thrilled to welcome her to our leadership team.

Hannah Benson


My name is Hannah Benson, I am a very out going, bubbly, positive, loud and kind person. Growing up this was just me as a person. These are part of my personality that made me, me. Never ever thought that these things were ever going to be taken from me, but they were.

In the age of becoming a young adult I thought I had found love, that person became my biggest nightmare. During that time not only did I feel like I was stuck in prison with my abuser, but my life was crumbling & crashing down with force. I couldn’t work, lost my friendships, lost my zest for life and lost who I was as a person. The manipulation, physical & mental abuse made me feel like the smallest person in the world. I could never understand why this man that is supposed to be showing me love was the one person hurting me the most.

After a while I had adjusted, I listen, I did what was asked and let everything happen. I knew it was wrong but my soul was gone, I was a numb shell. I lead myself to believe that’s what I deserved. It didn’t occur that I have let this person take over my life. My will power was gone, I started living inside my head, all I have envisioned was me being anywhere else but there. My mind became my escape & at that time it only ever seemed like a dream. And I had adjusted to this lifestyle and made it my new normal.

So I thought, although this did not seem real but an opportunity to escape came up. It still seemed very far fetched but I knew that it was going to work. 2 days after Christmas I packed what belongings I could into 2 suitcases, jumped on a plane and left. This is where the beginning of my journey of healing began.

I landed in Perth & that’s when it truly hit me. I could start my life all over again. New found freedom that I could never ever describe.  Not long after I moved here, is where I found Rach. I absolutely loved her foundation & the reason behind it & what she stood for, her drive to help victims, and to never be silenced was admirable. For the first time I felt like I could be open about my story, and for the first time understood.

To be involved and watch Broken Crayons turn into what it has and the future this foundation has in the years to come is something I am so proud and privileged to become such a huge part of. Because of Rach & Broken Crayons I could heal & turn my biggest pains into something positive. I can help people on their own Journeys, from victim to survivor, much like Rach, never be silenced.

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