Our Board of Directors

introducing the Broken crayons still colour foundation ltd board of directors...

Rach Mac

Founder | Director

Criminal Trials, Key Note Speaker

After surviving my own horrific journey through domestic violence, I could of easily drowned but instead I created my amazing foundation.

Domestic and family violence is the most lonely , terrifying road to navigate.

I refuse to allow other victims to suffer in silence , Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation offers one hope , encouragement , support and knowledge.

I use my voice for those who have temporarily or permanently lost theirs.

When voices unite they echo.

Jaye Em


I am delighted to announce that we are adding Jaye to our Board of Directors.

As our foundation grows we must ensure we have capable hands to assist our most vulnerable. Many of you know I never rush into these decisions as the role of leadership is one that is extremely important.

I have watched this incredible woman for the past two years I have personally witnessed her dedication her passion and her commitment to Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

Jaye has been an integral part of BCSC on our leadership team as our Cultural Coach.

Jaye is first and foremost a survivor of domestic violence with a passion to share the journey with victims as they reclaim their power and find their voice.

Jaye is a strong Noongar woman and Is passionate about healing and building the self determination of Aboriginal peoples. 

Aliesje Kolovis-Wooldridge


As the Youth Mentor position is one that requires not only lived experience but also due to the complexity of family/domestic violence this role requires professional experience in this role.

It is with great excitement I introduce you to Aliesje Kolovis-Wooldridge. She has worked the Dungeon Youth centre, Horizon House mums and baby program, Uniting Care West Newpin program (working on attachment, parenting with mums and littles ones ), She also won vocational student of the year and overall student of the year when She studied her diploma in community services.

Aliesje is also trained in protective behaviours and professional development in trauma informed care, AOD & child development.

I believe she is a credit to Broken Crayons Still Colour and we enthusiastically welcome her to the team


Director / Treasurer

It is with great pride I announce our newest board director, his role will be treasurer - my very own son Fletcher.

I knew in my heart when I founded Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation I was creating a legacy, so you can imagine how thrilled I am that my son now forms part of my legacy.

It is also testament to his strength of character after witnessing the horrors I went through in my DV journey, his lived experience is important to our team.

In Fletch’s own words this is what he brings to my team, UWA International business and business law student. 

"As a dependable team player, I bring a consistent and productive work ethic to every task. I excel in high-stress environments and am able to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude to keep team morale high. Additionally, I am always willing to learn and grow, consistently seeking out new processes and techniques to increase both individually and team productivity. With my enthusiasm and quick learning abilities, I am confident in my ability to contribute to my team and help drive continued success."

Beautiful members please welcome Fletcher.

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