Our Board of Directors

introducing the Broken crayons still colour foundation ltd board of directors...

Rach Mac

Founder | Director

Criminal Trials, Key Note Speaker

After surviving my own horrific journey through domestic violence, I could of easily drowned but instead I created my amazing foundation.

Domestic and family violence is the most lonely , terrifying road to navigate.

I refuse to allow other victims to suffer in silence , Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation offers one hope , encouragement , support and knowledge.

I use my voice for those who have temporarily or permanently lost theirs.

When voices unite they echo.

Vanessa Thornley


Vanessa is honoured to join the Broken Crayons board of directors.

Vanessa is a survivor and also forms part of my leadership team as our Confidence Coach and specialises in family court.

She is also CEO of Easy Fit Meals who often donate to our foundation.

She along Belinda & myself plan to continue to grow Broken Crayons & assist more vulnerable victims.

Vanessa quotes  "it has been an amazing journey thus far & I look forward to the future with Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation."

Belinda Hawes


Belinda agreed to join our board as helping victims of family violence is her passion and she resonated with Rach’s drive to assist victims.

She is the co-founder of No Limits Perth Inc. which collaborates with Broken Crayons and their relationship has developed over the past 3 years due to a shared vision.

Belinda admires the role BC and Rach plays in directly helping victims with practical items, court appearances, emotional support, counselling and the help victims actually need.

Belinda’s background is in working with victims of crime, which includes those victims of family violence. She has a deep understanding of the dynamics of family violence and has empathy for the situation victims find themselves in.

This role has seen her conduct training in this field as well as public speaking.

Belinda is looking forward to her role at BC to assist Rach and Vanessa in growing BC to enable victims to receive the care and support they deserve.

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