Using My Expereince To Help Those Who Need It Most...

Robyn Valerie

Mothers Mentor / Volunteer Coordinator

I have a very exciting announcement this evening.

As Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation continues to experience phenomenal growth we must also expand to ensure we offer phenomenal assistance to our clients & members.

We have recently had an influx of pregnant clients or mothers with newborns & I decided we needed to give these mums a bit of extra care and I always aim to go above & beyond to deliver.

I am thrilled to announce I have added Robyn Valerie to our leadership team
Robyn is now our Mothers Mentor

Robyn is not only a mother but a registered midwife who has been a dedicated volunteer for Broken Crayon’s for the last few years hence why she will also fill the role of Volunteer Coordinator.

I am excited to have Robyn join our leadership Team welcome.

Having experienced domestic violence I have become very passionate about helping others. My passion particularly aligns with my job as a Registered Midwife where I am working on educating Midwives on opening up conversations with women and how to recognise and respond to domestic violence. As well as opening up the conversation with the various pregnant women I interact with.

Working in the maternity sector I know just how hard it is for pregnant women and those with children to be able to leave their partners and I am passionate about helping to change this.

I also know what it is like to lose your identity in a relationship and I know how hard it can be to get that back. How tiring the process can be, especially when you are responsible for children too and even more so when going through the court process.

I am not ashamed of what I've been through, instead I use it as motivation to help others.

I believe volunteers are the heart of any organisation and I was so moved when Rach asked me to join the leadership team as I am very passionate about Rach’s work & Broken Crayon’s Still Colour Foundation.

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