Using My Expereince To Help Those Who Need It Most...

Riaan Thorp

Finding Your Inner Voice Coach

Very exciting ANNOUNCEMENT tonight.

As Broken Crayon’s Still Colour Foundation continues to soar & experience phenomenal growth it is imperative we continue to ensure our foundation can continue to provide exceptional services.

It gives me great pleasure to announce I have carefully selected a beautiful soul to add to our leadership team.

Introducing- Finding Your Inner Voice Coach, Riann Thorp

Riann joins myself, Megan Cash, Jaye Em Carol Messenger Leadership Team.

It was implied by a defense lawyer in court that due to my ability to 'stick up' for myself, meant I couldn't possibly be a victim of domestic violence.

Well, I'm not a victim, not anymore. I'm a survivor. I am a Warrior


While I'm free from my abuser, I remain very familiar with the ongoing journey in and out of the various courts.

This has lead me to my passion about creating awareness around where victims are let down and left vulnerable, and about getting changes to the system. 

Every time I get a knock back. Every time I get called a liar, it drives me to fight harder, especially for those who can't. Its that determination and strength that I take in to advocating for the changes we need. 

And for those of you who also want to share your story, I will be there giving you strength and encouragement. 

I wanted to be a part of BCSC because they don't just support victims in every way through the whole process, but they work towards creating the awareness to end domestic violence. To make perpetrators accountable. 

Together, as one voice, supporting each other, we will achieve those goals.

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