Using My Expereince To Help Those Who Need It Most...

Damon Amos

Men's Wellness Coach

My name is Damon.

I am the Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation Men's Wellness Coach.

First and foremost I am a father to two beautiful children who I love and adore more than anything.

I am also a FIFO worker who knows the hardships involved in being away from home, maintaining relationships and trying to find balance in life.

2019 threw me the hardest personal challenges I've ever faced... and it broke me. It emotionally and mentally drained me into a spiraling depression of self doubt, fear and distrust.

I stood at the altar in January of last year, professing my vowels to my wife to love and support forever... and just two weeks later, as I returned to work, her affairs and infidelities began. I was physically abused by my ex partner, I was cheated on every single time I would go away to work and I had a VRO falsely put out against me to make me look like the bad person in this relationship, which has since been lifted.

I carry the wounds of a broken man and yet, through this foundation I have gained the strength to rebuild myself and smile. I still have to face mediation and family court in my personal life this year, but I am so very proud to announce that I will be coming onboard the Broken Crayons leadership team as a Men's wellness coach, to assist other men in similar situations.

Broken Crayons has always been about assisting people in toxic and abusive relationships... and that does not disclude the many amazing fathers, husbands and boyfriends out there who struggle too. I would love to open myself up as a neutral person to talk to, offer advice or assist you in seeking guidance and help in your own journey.

I will be actively promoting Broken Crayons, particularly in the FIFO sector to help spread the message.... that Domestic Violence does not discriminate on gender and to give Broken Crayons another platform for there amazing life saving work. So MEN! Please do not hesitate to contact me at and let's begin the process of putting goals into place together.

I come to you from the heart, with love... and just want us all to succeed and thrive in the end. Let's do this together.

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