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When you see the beauty within you, your outer world becomes a reflection of your inner beauty.

Are you ready to see the world through a new beautiful lens?

Bronwyn Lunderstedt

My name is Bronwyn.

I am the Interior Beauty Coach for Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation.

I am a mum to four amazing children, and I own my beauty.

As a professional makeup artist I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with women and men for the past 18 years, showing them the beauty that I see, and helping them see it too.

I have been fortunate to work with women and men of all walks of life, from celebrities to people of every kind of ethnicity, genre, personality, size, and shape.

Yes that includes every scar, blemish, dimple and mark.


My passion is driven by a light that glistens so beautifully and bright in a women’s eyes when they get to see how beautiful that they really are, inside and out.

In today’s society, we have been conditioned to believe that beauty is the societal expectations of unrealistic “perfect” social media posts and the illusions on the cover of magazines. In my experience a team of no less than 10 or 15 people produce that one image that we think is so “perfect”.

Unfortunately, it is not just these expectations that we battle with. It is more than society’s standards. Our internal belief in our own Beauty can be shattered through violence.

I too am a Broken Crayon that can still colour.

My story began with a thirteen year ordeal of isolation, verbal daily reminders of how ugly, fat, useless, and embarrassing I was to be seen with my abuser or even associated with him.

I was isolated and caged in a world of walls. I had no freedom to connect with my friends, those of whom remained, or my family. I chose to believe every lie I was told with rose coloured blindness, believing that it was up to me to make ‘our family home’ happy and functional.

I had left my abuser once before. It was caused by an aggressive violent episode. I believed each ongoing lie of ’I love you, I will change, we can fix this, we can be better, we can make our family work’.

I didn’t want to face the reality that my world had become a monstrous ordeal that everyone else saw, but me.

The idea of a perfect family seemed enticing whilst the reality of psychological, financial and verbal abuse was delusional. So I went back. Life remained the same. A never ending nightmare of fear, stress, and manipulation.

My existence became a pool of black emptiness, a very well hidden a secret. I continued to work in my profession keeping hidden the horrors I held at home. I never shared my story, I was too scared. Scared of what would happen, of rejection, being told that I deserved what I got.

I continued to lose myself in a field where beauty kept me safe, free, whole, knowing that I could share a gift of beauty for the world to see.

The day I left, was the hardest and scariest day of my life. It was also, the most liberating day of my life. I escaped with a few of my dearest belongings. I had a very small time frame, and to this day I remain grateful to the loving arms that always wanted to protect me. Before I left I rejected these arms because of the manipulative lies my abuser told me.

Without my parents, I do not know where I would have turned to or gone that day. That day began the longest journey of my life. A journey that I am still travelling.

My story continues to be entwined in the judicial system. I have spent years learning to love my own beauty again. My heart has a greater love and strength that I have learnt to embrace and share with the world. I am perfectly me, a gift like no other, and that is what I want to share.

My role in Broken Crays Still Colour Foundation is to show every beauty that they are graciously and wonderfully beautiful. Each person affected has an interior beauty that needs to be and can be rebuilt. By taking away the power of the shards of vindictive hate that has been used to break down every essence of self-worth and teaching self-love to rebuild the acceptance that we remain entirely beautiful.

Beauty lies within your heart, your belief to create a better tomorrow, your struggle to make every day work, your movement to share a smile with strangers and your arms that you embrace your loved ones with. Beauty is so much more than skin deep. Its your heart. Its every essence of you.

I met Rach, through a group of women by chance.

A meeting that has grown into a cherished friendship. I have watched Rach build a foundation that helps victims survive another day, and offers an opportunity to build a new life. I have seen this women give her all whilst fighting her own horror story, alone. I have heard and watched Rach take her vision to a foundation. With her passion and relentless drive to help others become fearless survivors, I believe in Rach, her work and her team. I am both proud and honored to be apart of her journey, with an opportunity to share a gift of interior beauty. 

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